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Georgian semi-sweet white wine Kolkha Tvishi

Georgian semi-sweet white wine Kolkha Tvishi
Georgian semi-sweet white wine Kolkha Tvishi
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Country: Georgia

Color: white

Sugar: semi-sweet

Volume: 0.75

Grapes: Tsolikouri

Manufacturer: Kolkha

Region: Racha-Lechkhumi


Kolkha Tvishi is a semi-sweet white wine named for its place of origin. This wine is made from Tsolikauri grapes and is grown in the Lechkhumi region.

In this region, at an altitude of 500-800 meters above sea level, there is a microzone where ideal conditions have been created for the development of the wonderful taste of future wine. Kolkha Tvishi wine has a light straw color. The aromas are a bouquet in which quince, apricot, pear and honey are recognizable.

The taste is pleasant, harmonious, elegant, with a long aftertaste. The wine has a pleasant combination of sweetness and acidity and is pleasant to drink, especially on a hot day. This wine can be ideally combined with fruit salads, soufflés, fruit pastries or desserts.

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