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Georgian red dry wine BioMarani Saperavi

Georgian red dry wine BioMarani Saperavi
Georgian red dry wine BioMarani Saperavi
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Country: Georgia

Color: red

Sugar: dry

Volume: 0.75

Grapes: Saperavi

Manufacturer: BioMarani

Region: Kakheti


This wine is made from Saperavi grapes from a small family winery in Kakheti, one of the first in Georgia to receive a European bio-certificate. The traditional Kakhetian method of production in kvevri (clay amphorae buried in the ground), respect for the land and vines, combined with modern wine-making techniques, give a truly impressive result.

Open this wine a little ahead of time and let the aromas of black currant, vanilla, black pepper and peppermint unfold in it. On the palate are cherry, pomegranate, dark chocolate and vanilla. The palate is round, with distinctive yet elegant tannins and a long finish.

Try opening this wine on a cold autumn evening with a platter of stew with thick sauce, and your heart will be filled with the warmth of sunny Georgia.

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