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Chum Salmon Premium caviar, 400g

Chum Salmon Premium caviar, 400g
Chum Salmon Premium caviar, 400g
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Chum salmon caviar with rather large grains (about 4-7mm) and delicate taste. The delicacy of the highest class is a delicacy with high nutritional value and a decorative look. In the table of grades of salmon caviar, the first place belongs to chum salmon caviar. For a healthy, nutritious diet, caviar is a must. Few foods can confirm the presence of so many proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals. The full-fledged taste of chum salmon caviar is fresh and harmonious. The shell of caviar of keta caviar is slightly stronger than that of pink salmon caviar, therefore this variety is especially good for cooking dishes with caviar. These jars also come with a plastic lid that makes it easy to store eggs after opening. Caviar has a kosher certificate.

Ingredients: keto caviar, salt, sorbic acid.

Shelf life of unopened product at temperatures from 0 ° to + 4 ° C for up to 6 months.
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